Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  Almost every day I say I am going to take time to write in my blog and then time slips by me and next thing I know it is bedtime.  I have read my Bible, more often than not, on a daily basis.  That was one of my resolutions and am still trying hard to do this.  My days go so much better and I am enjoying it so much.  There are also thing that I was taught in Sunday School as a child that I am finding out was wrong.  My husband and I have really good discussions over what I have read and enlightened things I have learned.  It makes our relationship stronger too.
     My new business is going really well.  A lot better than I thought it would.  People from other countries are shopping at it and I am getting really excited about where it all may lead.   I am also planning on our trip to Vegas!  The boys and I will be leaving in a little more than 2 weeks.  We are so excited. 
How has things been going for you?

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