Friday, September 9, 2011

Sack Lunch Ideas

Hi, all!
    I was talking to a friend of mine who has been having trouble coming up with ideas for sack lunches for her 7 year old son.  While I never have a reason to pack a sack lunch for anyone in my family now, I do remember those days and have a few ideas I thought I would share.
     For an adult on a cold day, nothing beats hot chicken broth in the thermos.  It just makes you feel good inside!  Sandwich ideas are: Peanut butter & syrup is a nice change from peanut butter & jelly.  Most kids and adults like hoagies so buy the hoagie bread and pile on the cold cuts.  Other ideas are cheese and crackers, cold pizza (always a huge hit), string cheese, and popcorn as a snack.
    I always tried to include a note of love or encouragement.  The hubby and kids always looked forward to reading what I had to say for the day.  I also always cut the sandwiches diagonally because in our household, when a sandwich is cut like that, it is our way of saying "I love you".
    Do you have any sack lunch ideas to share?
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