Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We got a PIG!

      Yes, it is true.  We got a pig.  I saw an ad online about a man having 8 week old pigs for sale for less than $50 so I knew we couldn't pass it up.  I talked to the man yesterday and me and the boys went and picked him up today.  Man, oh man.  He is a big boy for just 8 weeks.  Ron figures he weighs about 40 lbs. (and he should know since he carried from the car to the pen.)  :-)
      The pig is a Hampshire neutured male.  We bought him, not as a pet, but to be raised for meat for our family.  Ronny, 7, is already having issues with it but Brandon understands.   They wanted to name it but I said the only thing they could call him was "Pork Chop".  I am not trying to be cruel but it is a fact of life that he is to be raised as a supplement to our family.
     We plan on feeding him table scraps and chopped feed corn.  A 50 lb. bag is less than $11 so to raise the pig to maturity will cost about $75.  Not a bad investment for over 100 lbs. of meat we will get out of it.
     Do you raise pigs?  Any tips you want to share.
                                              In his new pen, already rooting around.

                                                 The pig sleeping in the dog pen in the back seat of my car.

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