Monday, December 12, 2011

Boy Scouts and Bachelor's Degree

    To begin with, I received my Bachelor's Degree in the mail this past week.  I graduated with honors (cum laude).   It was a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Visual Communications Degree with a concentration in Digital Design.  I just reapplied to the university to undertake my Master's Degree program.  I am going for a Master's in Education degree with a focus on curriculum and instruction for educators.  This doesn't really pertain to anything...I just wanted to share this accomplishment with you.  :-)

     Also, tonight was a special ceremony with our Boy Scout troop.  Tonight we held a ceremony because one of the new boys to the troop earned his right to be called a Scout tonight and earned his Scout badge.  We had the ceremony, which my son Brandon (who is the Senior Patrol Leader) got to perform and then had cake and punch. It was really nice and we really enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

                                                 John (the new Scout) and Brandon during the ceremony.

                                           Some of the friends and family there to watch the ceremony.

                                                                   John and his mother. 

    Well, thank you for letting me share.

In Christ,

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