Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading the Bible

      It is confession time.  I don't read the Bible nearly as often as I should.  I pray daily and believe and have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior but to be honest, I don't read the Bible much anymore.  I am so embarrassed to say it but it is true.  There are times that I read it because I feel obligated to read it. (I know, I am awful.)  Or I pick it up and read some of Psalms or Proverbs.  Last night I was trying to find something to read at the fireworks stand today and seen the Bible and decided to bring it.
    Let me tell you what...I am on FIRE for it.  I started at Genesis and read 37 chapters today.  Everything was exciting again.  I learned stuff from verses I have had read over and over.  Today, it was just different.   It was so interesting and wonderful.  I took 2 full pages of notes over those chapters too.  Thank you Lord for patience with me and for igniting a thirst for Your Word again.  Forgive me for losing interest.
    Has this ever happened to you?

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