Thursday, December 8, 2011

God is Awesome!

God is Awesome!

     God is truly awesome and knows us so well and ALWAYS provides for us.  He knows what we need. 
     I have been running myself to death lately.  Seven days a week I am on the computer updating my ads on Facebook.  I have ads on 8 different pages with 3-10 ads per page.   To update them all takes about 2 hours and they need to be updated twice a day.  If you don’t update the ads, then the ads are so far down the page, no one can find them.
     On top of that, I have people responding to the ads each day.   I average probably 10-15 comments a day to reply to.  Then there are the emails.  I get 25 or so emails a day regarding my products.   They all need answered and usually have 2-3 replies back and forth each. 
        Then 2 days a week I am also doing deliveries (yes, that is on top of updating, replying, etc.).  I deliver to several different cities on Wednesdays and Fridays.  I usually leave home about 12:30 in the afternoon and don’t get home until sometime between 6 & 8 p.m.  
    Oh, and did I mention on Tuesdays and Thursdays, besides updating ads, responding to comments, and answering emails, I am also helping to make all the goodies that have to be delivered?  Thank goodness my hubby and oldest son help me out there.   
     And now that the holidays are near, I am also setting up in my town with tables on the weekend to sell my goodies.  And the point of me telling you all this you ask….
     Well, I am explaining it all so you can understand things.  So you get the whole story.  Anyway….
     My MS has really been acting up a lot lately.  I have a lot of confusion and memory problems with it right now besides some of the physical issues.  I have been only sleeping about 4-6 hours a night.  My mind is too busy to shut down and since I am having issues, things are taking a lot longer to do so I worry I won’t have enough time to do it all that I get up to start the day earlier.  For example, the ads usually take me 2 hours and some days it is taking me 4 hours to do. 
     Ron, the boys, and several of my friends have really been worried about me.  I know I needed to slow down but this is what is paying our bills right now.  And with Christmas coming up, money that is already tight is SUPER tight.  I felt like I couldn’t slow down because we need the money so desperately. 
     This is going to be the smallest Christmas EVER, as far as gifts that I buy for my children goes.  My 13 year old son asked me to take back one of his gifts so he could have the money from it to buy me a gift because I won’t be able to give him any money this year to buy something for me.  It is tight but it is tight for everyone this year I know.  Hey, we have each other and we will be together so that is what really counts.  Right?  Right!
     So, a few days ago my phone stopped working.  Makes it hard because I always call the people I am meeting to tell them I am in their city; I call and ask them “Where are you?” and stuff like that.  I also have some customers that do not use the computer and only call or text me their orders so the phone is pretty important.  This week I have had to really adjust.  It is a pain not to have a phone but not totally necessary.  It is difficult without one but I can adapt.  The Internet is the one thing I really, really need for my business so I didn’t slow down a bit. 
     But ya know what?  God seen what I was doing to myself and knew it was wearing me down and affecting my health so He helped me.  Two nights after my phone had issues, our internet went out.  Called the company and either the satellite got out of alignment or the modem went out and it will be up to two weeks before a technician could fix it.  At first I was upset and stressed.  But then I felt peace and thanked God for allowing this to happen. 
       I would not have slowed down on my own.  God seen it all and knew that I had to be forced to slow down.  Only by God’s love and His gift to us, was I able to slow down.  I had nights I laid in bed with my feet up and watched some tv with my family.  I finally had time to organize my desk.  I mixed up some homemade spices.  I filled out my Christmas cards.  I took a deep breath. 
    See?  I could have looked at the phone issues and the internet going out as a bad thing.  But it wasn’t.  It was God giving me what I needed at the time.  I may not have WANTED it at first but I NEEDED it and I thank Him for allowing it to happen.  God is truly awesome and amazing and I give Him all the glory and praise.

In Christ,

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