Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ideas for Christmas cash

     Hi!  If you are like me, coming up with extra money for the holidays can be difficult.  I have been fortunate this year of coming up with several ways to make extra money.  Baking goodies for people and selling the items I have canned has been great.  Here are some ways that you can perhaps make some extra money for Christmas:
  •      Babysit for people while they do their Christmas shopping
  •      Wrapping presents for cash
  •      Baked goods (make pies, cookies, etc. for Christmas parties)
  •      Hang Christmas lights for cash
  •      Do their grocery shopping or Christmas shopping for them.
  •      Do their card writing
  •      Sell filled stockings 
  •      Make and sell "gifts-in-a-jar" products
     Do you have any more ideas to help other people make extra money this time of year?  If so, please leave a comment.  :-)

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