Friday, August 12, 2011

Hard times

     In the past week, I have heard from numerous people in regards to giving away free horses.  I live in a small, rural community and people are trying to give away good horses.  I could not figure out why.  I now know and it is shocking.  The reason that everyone is giving away their own horses is because they will not be able to feed them. 
     It has been so dry that hardly anyone was able to plow a field once, let alone 2-3 times as usual.  All of these farmers and ranchers are having to rely on the hay they have left over from last year to survive the upcoming winter and most do not have enough for all they have.  I was told that in another month or two that people will be giving away calves and cattle for the same reason.  One lady I heard talking said she has to get rid of at least 40 of her stock because she doesn't have enough hay to last all winter and only by giving away some of the cattle can she make it.     The calves are all real tiny and puny looking too.  They are not near big enough to take to market.  They are usually 3 times the size they are right now. 
    I have also talked to a lot of chicken farmers and their chickens are dying from heat in large numbers.  They said the chicken plants are having the same problems.  And it is so hot that the layers aren't laying eggs.  They are getting perhaps a tenth of the eggs as normal. 
     All of this is really making me think even harder about how bad things may get for everyone.  If the cows are drying up, dying off, and a big decrease in number going to market means we will have a shortage of milk and beef.  If the hay fields are that barren and dead, it is likely that wheat and rice, etc. will be the same way.  Then add in chickens not laying eggs, not producing chicks, dying off, etc. and there is another big problem. 
It all can really snowball from here.
    We have been "preppers" for awhile but I really think we need to do more.  I called a friend (she lives in a fairly large city) and was telling her about the free horses and everything else and she was shocked and clueless.  I just want everyone to know of some events that are taking place so they can know ahead of time and try to prepare themselves a bit.
   What kind of things are happening in your area?  What are you doing to prepare?   Any other thoughts or comments?

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  1. People have been giving away animals , especially horses for awhile. Horses especially, because they serve no real purpose, as far as food goes.

    Around here, they give away horses more than anything.

    We stock up when things are on sale. We grow what we can. Planning is important!

    Still praying for you guys :)

  2. We stock up also. I have turned an extra bedroom into a place to stock up on food. I have shelves in there and that room is full. My daughter says it looks like a store. I just believe in being prepared.

    Appreciate the prayers!