Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just for fun....Join in!

I thought this would be fun for everyone to do!   (I saw this on a fellow blogger's site)


The Questions:

1. If you had $1000 to spend right now on a single thing, what would it be?
2. Which one of your pets is your favorite?
3. Did you ever own a waterbed?
4. What is your favorite color gummy bear?
5. Do you have any favorite shows that are coming back on soon??
6. Do you have any great bloggy friends?
My Answers:  
1.  A used minivan.  I have MS and have only a small car.  On days that I have to be in my wheelchair, I can't leave the house because my electric wheelchair won't fit in the car.  Those kind of days are becoming more frequent.  :-(
2.  My male Pomeranian, Rambo.   (Although the sugar glider is a close 2nd).
3.  No, but I would love one.
4.  ?  I have never thought about that.  I am not a huge gummy bear kind of person.  
5.  I do not watch tv.  Only DVD's etc. but I do have TV sitcoms on DVD that I enjoy.  Some of my fav. include CSI, King of Queens, and Third Watch. 
6.  I am fairly new to blogging and am meeting some really great friends so far. 

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you have to say.  :-)
Here is some of the other blogger answers:

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  1. I LOVE your answers! Thanks for playing along!!