Saturday, August 13, 2011

Insight into ME!

Insight into me…

I am wildly passionate about the things I believe in.

I am an extremist.
  If I am sad, I am deeply, deeply depressed. 
If I am happy, I am floating around.
If I love you, I love you unconditionally and whole-heartedly.
I do nothing “half way”. 
I am an all or nothing sort.

I homeschool our children.
I believe homeschooling is a positive and healthy way to raise my children.
I do not feel like my children are secluded, naïve or sheltered.
My children are respectful, obedient and smart.

I have MS but MS does not have me.
MS may hinder my movements but for now it does not hinder my mind.
I am still useful to my family.
I am respected and loved by friends and family.

I can be really scary. 
Try to hurt my family or my friends and you would be better off facing a wild grizzly, a wolverine, and a great white shark than cross my path.
I will hurt you in ways you didn’t know could exist.

I am also extremely loving.
I will give the shirt off my back for a friend or stranger in need.
I stand by my friends in good times and bad times.
There is NOTHING I won’t do for my husband or children.

I do not take “crap”. 
Things most people just let “slide”; I won’t.
If a clerk in a store is rude, I report them.
If a waiter is cross, I adjust their attitude.
But most waitresses love me because I have fun.
I pick on them in a friendly way and we all usually laugh it up.

I love the Lord.
He is my Savior.
I am not perfect. Not by any means.
I am not perfect.
I am forgiven.

I am NOT politically correct.
I don’t care about all that.
I have morals and beliefs and if they are contrary to the popular media, so be it.
I am against abortion.
I do not favor homosexuality.  I do believe it is a sin.
I do not hate the sinner.  Just the sin itself.
I do not promote violence against anyone.

I am an “old soul”.
Everyone said I would have been better off living in the 1800’s.
It’s true. 
I like having doors opened for me.
I like being the weaker sex.
I think a woman should be submissive to her husband as the Bible states.

Well, this is me. 
I am complicated.
I am a woman.
Nuff said!

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In Christ,

Loving wife of Ronald and incredibly blessed home educating mother with fantastic children.

"Tough times never last, tough people do." -Robert Schuller

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher


  1. We have a lot in common I think! I agree with all of the things you said :)

  2. Thanks. You inspired me to write this blog. :-)